About Content Creators and Grand Gamers

Support gamers you like and get special perks: appearances in leaderboards, customization options, exclusive titles, prestige borders, support badges, profile icons and more.

Get supported as a creator or pro gamer, expand your fanbase, reward your fans, let them know more about you and keep them up to date.

What are Content Creators and Grand Gamers?

Content Creators are creators in the gamer community. Grand Gamer is a title for pro gamers and creators of the highest level and influence. Both are verified and can be supported on GamerProfiles.

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Support with Supp-Subs

Supp-Subs (= Supporter Subscriptions) are the safe and simple way to directly support the Creators you love. And you get a ton of special perks on top of doing something good!

Be a Gamer Supporter

Gamer Supporter is a prestigious rank you are entrusted with as long as you support at least one Content Creator or Grand Gamer. Support the gamer community and get special perks at the same time!

You're a Professional Gamer or Content Creator? Then apply to become a GP Partner now!

Connect with gamers around the world across all games. Get partner-only features to make yourself stand out. Present yourself in the best possible way in front of a pure gaming audience as the great gamer personality you are.

Grow your Fan Base

Allow new gamers to find you, loyal fans to follow you, and everyone to learn more about you and cheer for you. Reach outside of Twitter, Twitch & co, and tap into completely new audiences which couldn't be reached before.

Strengthen your Personal Brand

Be more visible for all your fans - with all your characters and preferences for every game you play, all your previous game experiences, and all your latest news. All in one convenient place.

Boost your Visibility

Be more visible for gaming related companies who can offer you exciting opportunities. Let them know what you play, what you have played, and what you just started playing. It’s like your “Gaming CV”.

Get Fan Support & Earn Money

Unlock your Support Button and allow gamers to directly support you for a monthly amount with a Supp-Sub (= Supporter Subscription). Reward your fans with exclusive perks (profile icons, leaderboards, ...) and enable them to gain additional Gamer Supporter perks and upgrades.

Find Players with the Traits You Need & Create Engaging Content with your Fans

Browse and connect with your fans to play with you, whenever you need them. Either for a new video, or for fun games on stream. Stop playing with random people. Rather play with compatible fans who allow for good content at the same time!

Find Compatible Creators to Collaborate & Be Found By Them

Invite them to make content together, to play just for fun, or get invited yourself. Find compatible new creators you haven't interacted with yet, even for completely new games you’ve just started playing.

70 : 30 Split

GamerProfiles only takes a 30% fee. You keep 70% of your Supp-Sub earnings.

Once you become a GP Partner, you will get a MASSIVE amount of perks and benefits for free. Your profile will be upgraded to a Content Creator or Grand Gamer Profile (which is structured noticeably different from a normal profile). This means, that on top of all the neat profile features every gamer can enjoy, you will be granted many exclusive options to present yourself as a well-known gamer.

GP Partner Profile Sections and Features
Exclusive upgrades for Content Creators and Grand Gamers
  • About you

    to introduce yourself

  • Games you play, and your focus within each game

    game-specific preferences, ranks and stats

  • Languages you speak

    how you communicate ingame and with your fans

  • Gaming experience

    games you’ve played, to show what kind of gamer you are

  • Space to share cool trivia about you

    things you’re known for, achievements, special skills, resources you use, etc.

  • Upload a custom Profile Banner

    to express yourself in your own way

  • Upload a custom Profile Background

    to elevate your profile in an elegant, subtle way

  • Your profile name and profile URL in pure (as Grand Gamer)

    without a # Number

  • Command your own Media Gallery

    to better present yourself and your gaming life

  • Exclusive Follower & Supporter Icons for your fans

    reward loyal fans, allowing them to support you visually

  • Social Links

    to share your official social pages

  • Gaming Setup

    share your setup, and links where to buy it

  • Stream & Schedule

    where do you stream and when, automatically translated into the local times of each viewer

  • Merch & Partner Links

    share your merch, partnerships and links

  • P.O. Box

    share if you want fans to send you stuff

  • ... and so much more!

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Your actions as a Content Creator or Grand Gamer on GamerProfiles may influence others, and we know and trust that you are aware of this and put your influence to good use. Act within GP as a role model and a representative of the world’s gaming community.