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★ Build Meaningful Gaming Connections

★ Discover & Share Content

★ Support Creators & Pro Gamers

★ Find Friends for Every Game

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Whether you play casually or competitively, no matter which Games you like, there’s room for you here.

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Image - Manage Your Gamer Identity

Manage Your Gamer Identity & Games Library

Browse 100,000+ Games! Display all your Games on your Profile (Played, Plan to play, Want to play together), and show your Interests and Ambitions for each Game. Present your Gaming Setup, Social Links, awesome Gaming Content and more.

Image - Build Long-Term, Meaningful Gaming Connections

Build Meaningful Gaming Connections

Build your own Gamer Network, and always know what kind of Games your Friends are interested in. Stay in touch, Chat in Groups, get Profile Updates, make Friend Notes, find Mutual Friends, and discover Games you have in common to play together.

Image - Discover and Share Content

Discover & Share Content

Create and discover Posts. Comment, Like, React and Share. Follow Gamers, Creators and Games, and get all their Updates.

Image - Support Creators & Pro Gamers

Support Creators & Pro Gamers

As a Gamer Supporter: Support GamerProfiles Partners and get special perks. Appear on their Profile and in Leaderboards, get Supporter Badges, Exclusive Titles, and more.

As a GamerProfiles Partner: Get supported by your fans as a Creator or Pro Gamer. Gain more Followers, reward your Fans, let them know more about you, and keep them up to date.

Image - Find Compatible Gaming Friends for Every Game

Find Friends for Every Game

Search and filter for Compatible Gaming Partners in 100,000+ Games using powerful Search Tools. Find Gamers on-demand and with the desired traits.

Stop playing alone or with random people. Connect with Compatible Gamers to Play, Chat and Have Fun Together.

We hear your Feedback and are working on it!

These Features are coming up next

GamerProfiles is brand new, and more is planned for the future. 1-2 releases of New Features and Updates are going live every week. Check out some of the cool Features we are building for you!

Feed & Discovery Upgrades

More Feed Features (e.g. @-Mentions, Replies, Hashtags), Discovery and Recommendations for Posts, Games and Gamers.

Dedicated Mobile App

GamerProfiles is available as a browser version on your desktop and mobile. The mobile app is already being worked on.

Group Finder

Group up with compatible Gamers to play the Games you want whenever you want.


Get Reputation for being a valuable member of the GamerProfiles community. A higher reputation allows you to do more things.

Communities, Guilds & Clans

More Features to manage Communities, recruit Members, and create Posts & Events. Unlock the ability to create Communities via Reputation.

Enhanced Game Pages

More Games, more Info (visuals, descriptions, release dates, genres, series), more Connections to Gamers and Communities.

Empowered Text Chat

More Chat Features, such as Emojis, GIFs, Embedded Videos, Quick Commands and File Viewing Options.

More Customization

Express yourself even better with more options, such as Banners, Backgrounds, Borders, Supporter Badges, and more.


Collect Achievements, unlock Rewards, and share them with your Friends.