The GamerProfiles values and promise to our users

Made by gamers for gamers. At GamerProfiles we build things we would like to use as gamers ourselves, hoping that other gamers will find them useful, too. Everything at GamerProfiles is guided by the question: “Does this create value for gamers?”

The GamerProfiles values and promise to our users

Our values-driven internal attitude and our promise towards you, towards all of us gamers
GamerProfiles’ mission

GamerProfiles’ mission is to bring the gamers of our world together, to give you the power to create and nurture meaningful connections across all games.

Made by gamers for gamers

At GamerProfiles we build things we would like to use as gamers ourselves, hoping that other gamers will find them useful, too. In order to create a powerful toolbox which is useful for all gamers across all games, our mindset is simply “How do we want things to be for us as gamers?”, and the main question is “Does this create value for gamers?”.

It should feel like coming home

Whether you play casually or competitively, no matter which games you like, there’s room for you here. We want our fellow gamers to feel at home at GamerProfiles, trusting and knowing that the interests of gamers are represented here.

Gamers are the heroes here

GamerProfiles is designed specifically for gamers. The gamer is the main character here, and there is no focus on a specific game or game company. What matters are the human beings who want to play great games and to have fun with games in general. GamerProfiles cares about all gamers. No matter which game you decide to play today, GamerProfiles cares about you.

GamerProfiles is free and for everyone

GamerProfiles’ core features are completely free, so that every gamer can enjoy the platform and be part of the world’s gamer community.

You can be a Gamer Supporter, though, and spend money to directly support creators in the gamer community, while getting special perks at the same time. Gamer Supporter features are optional and don’t affect the regular usage of the platform.

It’s about playing games and having fun

Creating an unprejudiced environment where the focus lies on gaming and our gaming lives is another key to the mission. The data within a gamer profile on GamerProfiles is designed to be relevant, simple to use and to enrich our gaming lives. Likewise, all unnecessary data which would become noise in a gaming context is left out on purpose. This allows gamers to decide if they want to play together based on their unique gaming kit (without having to bother with irrelevant details, e.g. where you study, work, or how you look like).

We appreciate and value your feedback

The things above are our intention, and we do our best to achieve it. However, we know that two minds are smarter than one, and that a thousand minds are smarter than two. We know that the best ideas for our common goal come from people within our own community, the gaming community as a whole.

That’s why we want to hear your thoughts. Let us know what is missing, what should be improved, and what should be removed. Make yourself heard, because we want to listen and act on it. As gamers, we know just too well how valuable it is to embrace the voice of our community, and we are eager to fulfill our quest. We want you to know and feel that you are heard. So let us know what you think and how we can improve things.

In the end, we all do this for our own big gaming community, for ourselves, by gamers for gamers.

Let’s do this together.