About Collections (planned feature)

Unlock Customization Options and Achievements, earn Rewards, and share your Collection with your Friends!

Your Personal Collection

Your Collection displays an overview of your unlocked Customization Options, Achievements, and which other rewards you can yet earn.

Customization Options

See all your unlocked Customization Options in one place, browse through Customization Options you have not unlocked yet, and learn how to earn them.

Achievements & Rewards

See all your unlocked Achievements in one place and your total Achievement Points. Browse through Achievements you have not unlocked yet, learn how to unlock them, and which rewards they grant.

Share with your Friends

Your Collection page has a unique URL (gamerprofiles.com/profile/YOURNAME/collection). Share your collected Customization Options and Achievements with your friends!

(Your Collection is a planned feature and will be coming in the future!)