Tips: How To Start Out Strong

Below are a few general tips to start off your journey, but tl:dr: Being active is the best way!

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You are new to GamerProfiles? Do this to have a good start!

Every now and then the question comes up what to do in the beginning to get seen, get more reach and make friends to play with. Below are a few general tips.

Tl:dr: Being active is the best way!

Fill Out Your Profile Completely (the more content, the better)

Fill out your profile as much as possible. The more content on your profile, the more interesting it is for others to read. Add as much info, pictures, videos and games as you can.

The more games you have in your games library, and the more accurately you describe yourself per game, the more likely you are to be found by compatible gamers and spark their interest.

Empty profiles are quickly overlooked, while interesting profiles are remembered.

Be Active!

Post, like, comment! Create interesting posts on a regular basis! Show other gamers that you like their posts or activities with a Like of your own! Join discussions with other gamers in posts. Rate and comment games!

High activity is recognized by other gamers and rewarded accordingly.

Tag Games in Posts

Your posts always go to your followers. Especially in the beginning, when you still have few followers, it is helpful to access already existing user groups.

Therefore, when you create posts, it is recommended to tag the game that matches the content. Then all people who have the game in their games library or follow the game will also get it. In addition, the post will then appear directly on the respective game page, and can thus be found later by other gamers as well.

Find Compatible Gamers and Add Them As Friends

If you're looking for gamers to play with, feel free to create a post with the question and tag the game - then it's clear which game it is, the post will appear on the respective game page and will be seen by people who follow the game or have it in their games library.

Alternatively, you can use the gamer search at the top of the navigation bar.

Or you can click the "Want to play together" tab on the game page to see all the gamers who want to play that game with others.

Find gamers you like and send them a friend request!

Link Your GP Profile Outside of GamerProfiles

Link to and promote your GP Profile on your other social media profiles and pages. Link your GP Invite Link on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Linktree, and wherever else you can.

Go to the Branding Page and get a Panel of your choice. Upload it to your social media pages and streaming pages (with your invitation link behind it). Anyone who clicks on your GP Invite Link will land on your profile. And once someone signs up through your link (by confirming their email address), both of you get 100 GP Points.

This all increases the likelihood that people will find your GP Profile and follow you!